This morning, I came across a news story that I suspect will inflame the imaginations of quite a few lawyers.

No, it was not about arguing at the Supreme Court, or representing a prominent politician in impeachment proceedings. Those would be nifty, prestigious even. But for 2011’s overworked and dissatisfied lawyer, today’s news was even more impressive.

The story explains how a former prosecutor left his job—to sell gourmet popsicles.

My first reaction was a chilly one. We’ve heard life-after-law stories before, so why should we take note of a popsicle peddler?

But one thing changed my mind: I had a Fudgsicle this weekend, the first in a long time. Though there’s nothing gourmet about it, it reminded me that selling bliss on a stick may not be a bad gig.

What post-law dreams do you harbor, whether they are frozen or not?

Here is the complete story. It goes down better with a frozen dessert.

And for a chuckle, here are some law question posed on, of all things, Popsicle sticks. (Click on it to make it larger.)