A gift from our Founders

As you wheel between the grill and some fireworks on Independence Day 2011, here are two brief items that may make your day of commemoration even a little better.

Both, by coincidence, are from the same site, housed in our 50th state. Civil Beat provides a variety of interesting content, and I hope you linger even after today.

The first essay explains the role lawyers played in the founding of our country. You may already be aware of all that, but it is a great refresher. And it’s only eight short paragraphs, so explore it while you wait for the burgers to be done.

The second piece published some reader responses to their question: “If the Declaration of Independence were written today, what about our society would future generations look back on and question?”

Don’t like the responses, all by ACLU interns? Then write your own; they’re seeking your response.

And while you’re there, you may want to test your “Freedom IQ” by clicking on a 20-question quiz. If that seems too much like work, save it until you’re back in the office tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day.