Happy Change of Venue Friday. And what better day to bring news of a nascent annual event: Social Media Day.

This nationwide phenomenon had its Phoenix interpretation occur in the downtown Sheraton Hotel. There, at least 500 gathered to exchange ideas and Twitter handles. And there were snacks.

I attended, expecting to gather some information on the topic and maybe the names of some experts and companies who might lend advice to Arizona Attorney Magazine’s social media efforts.

It turns out, though, that social media people really enjoy a good party. And that’s what it was. Yes, there was exchanging of information, but the lines for the bar and the photo-booth were the longest. Interest was high in garnering a gift bag at the registration desk, and the wandering waiters with the snazzy canapés were the most popular moguls in the place.

None of that is a critique, though. It was a great event, exactly what a Thursday evening called for, and I look forward to attending again in the future.

Here are a few more photos from the shindig. Want to see more? Search Twitter; they’re all over the place. Have a great weekend.

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