A news release from the State Bar of Arizona yesterday warns lawyers—and others—about a scam that comes, goes, and is back again.

As the Bar’s Rick DeBruhl describes it, the scam leads the unwary into sending money directly into the hands of criminals. The Bar has warned about this in the past, but it bears repeating.

Here is the beginning of the news item. Read the complete piece here.

A Scam Aimed at Stealing Money from Lawyers is Surging Through Arizona Again

By Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer
June 27, 2011

“While the details vary, the basics remain the same. Sometimes the lawyer is contacted by someone who claims to want representation (often it involves a divorce or business settlement). At the beginning of the relationship, the lawyer is sent a check from the alleged client as a retainer. Shortly after the check has been deposited the client explains that he needs a portion or all of the money returned (sometimes because the bogus case “settled” before the lawyer had a chance to take action). The lawyer dutifully returns the money, only to find out that the original check has bounced and now the bank wants the funds returned. …”

The complete release is here.