It is Change of Venue Friday, when we take a well-earned rest from the veddy veddy serious business of law practice to muse upon something a bit lighter.

Today’s idea comes to me via my boss, Rick DeBruhl. As the Chief Communications Officer of the State Bar of Arizona, he is responsible for big ideas, big branding, big communicating.

That’s why his being the source of this idea—lawyer license plates—is so surprising.

Using his cellphone, he sent me a few pictures while we were both in Tucson at the annual Bar Convention. He was strolling through the attendee parking lot (thinking Big Thoughts, for sure) when he spotted these two metallic examples of lawyer marketing.

Then, this morning, as I drove to work in Phoenix, I was roused from my drowsiness by the court order that graced an SUV license plate ahead of me.

Very funny, all. If you want to send me any other examples of street-view communications, write to me at

Have a great weekend.