On offer this year: A fortune-cookie. Hmmm.

The State Bar Convention ended on Saturday, but there are still a few housekeeping matters I need to address. So expect a post or two more about Convention content.

One of the favorite posts from last year’s convention (OK, one of my favorite posts) had to do with swag, those (sometimes) marvelous items you get from exhibitors as you traipse past their hard-working booths.

Spoiler-alert: I don’t think this year’s haul was quite as remarkable as last year’s. Nonetheless, I am honor-bound to provide photos of the 2011 swag. (Special thanks to my daughter Willa Eigo, who schlepped up and down stairs and ventured into multiple conversations in order to bring these items to your view. I really do need to pay her more.)

Without further ado, here are the items (please don’t complain, but I did not have the strength to photograph the surfeit of pens that were on offer. I like pens as much as the next free-seeker, but if it was a simple pen with an exhibitor’s logo, no photo)

Tomorrow, I give you my thoughts on what was one of the best events at convention.

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