Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery

Over the past week, the State Bar of Arizona website has undergone another in a series of transformations. A few months ago, the “public” portion of the site was completely revamped. But more recently, the “lawyer” side got the same treatment.

We are still developing some needed changes on the Arizona Attorney Magazine portion of the site, but one thing I was pleased to finally land was a true magazine news page, separate and apart from the print magazine’s web page. The Arizona Attorney Magazine News Center is now live, and you can see it here.

We have spotted a few bugs that need to be worked out. But it has been (and will continue to be) my great and maddening daily privilege to populate the page with new content—news links, video links, and blog content.

Andy Rooney

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so you may have missed something I posted there. And so I am sharing it here today.

If you are like me and most everyone I know, you have mixed feelings about Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes’ fame, because he can annoy as often as he can illuminate. But yesterday I posted his previous musings on the true meaning of Memorial Day. I think it was quite well done.

I know, Memorial Day is over. But I think watching this will be two minutes and 37 seconds well spent.