Today, the Arizona State Senate considers Senate Bill 1610, which would, for the first time, establish that our state has an “official firearm.”

(And, if you were wondering, Sen. Don Shooter, R-24, is a sponsor.)

Here is more about the bill. But to save you the time, here is its complete language:

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona: Section 1.  Title 41, chapter 4.1, article 5, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended by adding section 41-860.02, to read:

41-860.02. State firearm


This afternoon, when the bill is debated embraced, I will be at another event, and so cannot attend.

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce

Does that disappoint me? A bit, I suppose. For this would make us only the second state that would fill this glaring “official state gun” gap. And if there’s any state that knows gaps, it’s Arizona.

But given the topic, and the fact that weapons apparently are welcome in the public building that is the Arizona Senate (a policy that appears to conflict with state law), perhaps the wiser course is to watch from afar.

To our rescue comes … technology. Sure, streaming video has none of the gleaming, alluring, clock-like precision and beauty of, say, a Glock with extended magazine. But it does allow any Arizona resident to check in on what their Legislature is doing.

As Senate President Russell Pearce says in his introduction to the website:

“State government should be open and accessible to the public. This Web site helps take the mystery out of what we do at the Senate and brings it closer to the people we serve.”

Glock: In the running for unofficial state firearm

That may be progress, but it may also be a miscalculation. After all, in the condition the state is in, leaving the Legislature shrouded in mystery may be the wisest course.

No matter. Many of us, I hope, will take advantage of watching the sausage made via video. I’m betting immigration activist Salvador Reza will be among that online audience.

Click here to see what’s up. Lock and load.