Judge Mary Schroeder in Arizona Attorney Magazine, May 2003

Later this week, I will attend a panel discussion on environmental sustainability. I’m looking forward to it—but many others run hot and cold on the topic.

The symposium is part of a larger event sponsored by the Women Law Students Association at the ASU Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. It is called “Arizona: Exploring Our Legal Landscape,” and it is slated for this Friday, February 11.

The day’s offerings sound great. They include a keynote by Judge Mary Schroeder of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. (Read our 2003 story about Judge Schroeder here.) Other topics that will be covered are issues in family and social justice, diversity and immigration, and nonlawyer views.

But it is the panel on “Sustainability and Ethics” that is hooking me. It includes Professor Dan Bodansky (whom we featured in a recent story), Ed Fox with APS, and former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes.

In Arizona Attorney Magazine, we have been running features that fall under our banner “Earthwise Lawyering,” and this event sounds like more valuable information to share with readers. I am hoping the speakers explore how a concept like sustainability interacts with climate change.

Dan Bodansky in Arizona Attorney, October 2010

However, a news story I came across today reminds me of the pitfalls that lie ahead in any attempt to address—or even discuss—climate change. The story describes efforts in the U.S. Congress to reverse federal efforts to control carbon emissions—or to participate at all in climate change initiatives. Read the full article here.

I’ll report out after Friday’s conference.

Kris Mayes