Terry Goddard, Arizona Attorney General

Terry Goddard’s last day as Arizona Attorney General comes next Monday, and he has penned a farewell to state residents in today’s Arizona Republic.

Most everyone you talk with will admit that Goddard was always a class act. (In fact, criticism of his campaign this year tends to focus on his being too nice—what a problem to have!).

So friendly and open was he that it was common for people—including journalists—to refer to him simply as “Terry.”

Kind and friendly, yes, but always wry and observant. We wrote about one of his campaign speeches back in October, when he had a room of supporters rollicking.

Terry exits stage left just as state government devolves into problems that are more intractable than ever before. Here’s hoping that he finds new ways to serve the state that he loves.

As Terry wrote today:

Thank you, Arizona, for the pleasure and privilege of serving as your attorney general.

This has been the hardest job I have ever loved! I have to agree with Bill Clinton when he said being AG was “the best job I ever had. I didn’t have to appoint or disappoint, and if I ever had to do anything really unpopular, I could blame it on the Constitution.”

As I get ready to leave office Monday, I recall vivid moments both good and not so good. The legal victories were sweet, but my list includes unforgettable personal experiences – some funny, some poignant and many inspiring.

Read his complete comments here.

Farewell,  General Goddard.