Alec Baldwin pitches public radio

This is Friday, Change of Venue Day, when we broaden our horizons beyond the big sky of the Arizona legal community. Today, we give a nod to another media outlet—those hard-working folks at public radio.

Pledge drives are one of the more annoying aspects of a radio-listener’s life, but we have no one to blame but ourselves for the relentless pitch for dollars. If more of us contributed, that staple of the airwaves would be reduced and maybe disappear.

The NPR program This American Life knows how much people dislike the pledge drive. But instead of running from it, they embraced it. The actor Alec Baldwin stepped up and created a series of pitches that make you smile and maybe even laugh out loud. They are witty, well written and snarky.

Begin listening here.

A few examples of the eight spots:

  • If listeners really don’t care enough to pay to keep talented correspondents on their beats, maybe we should move them around. Listen to Supreme Court reporter Nina Totenberg after she is reassigned to sports (and yes, that’s her voice).
  • The same goes for the talented Terry Gross, taken off the award-winning “Fresh Air” and herded into the annoying “Wine Fancy.”
  • “Always Be Pledging” demands the hard-driving Baldwin, in a reprise of his sales director role in Glengarry Glen Ross (minus the cuss words): “Put that coffee down; coffee is for pledgers only.”

Just the ticket for a Change of Venue.

Listen to a few of the bits here. And then contribute to your local public radio station. And then—and only then—enjoy your weekend.

(A hat tip to my wife and fearless scourer of the airwaves, Kathy Nakagawa, for this great link.)