This month, the State Bar of Arizona is expected to roll out a new website for the public. The current site is located here, and the new version should be popping up sometime next week.

That will be a much-needed update, and we can’t wait to see what it looks like. Here at Arizona Attorney Magazine, though, we are even more excited about the lawyer side of the website. It’s currently here, and it includes all of those features, products and services that lawyers find so helpful. Unfortunately, on the current site, just finding them can be next to impossible.

Come spring, we are told, that should all be changed—a new lawyer site will be a reality. And just as exciting, Arizona Attorney Magazine is slotted to be assigned a significant increase in its digital real estate. We will be adding an Arizona Attorney Career Center (knock on wood, that will be live this month). And as we emerge from our mild Arizona winter, we will launch an Arizona Attorney News & Information page, maybe next February.

I will have more detail on that as it develops. But it will include links, video, news—and even blogs.

That’s where you and your scrappy and insightful writing ability come in. I am looking for bloggers.

Perhaps you already blog and would like us to feature you via our new page. Or maybe you’ve been itching to get into the blog biz but haven’t been sure how to start.

Our goal is to have a stable of writers whom we will rotate through as daily featured bloggers. That way, no one feels committed to writing every day. But everyone will get the chance to have their content—and their photo—appear on a recurring basis.

We’re aiming to include new voices who speak well about law and law practice here in the Desert Southwest. Broad variety and strong voice are what we seek.

Blog, or want to? I’ll be making this “call” a number of ways over the coming months. Interested? Let’s talk.

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