Two un-family law stories for your perusal on this Change of Venue Friday. What do they say about the state of (marital) affairs, and about Arizona?

The first item revealed the Top 50 cities with the worst divorce rates. You should take a look; Arizona was well represented in the list.

City Number 2 was Sierra Vista, Ariz. Any attorneys in that city want to chime in on why the ranking is so high? The most recent State Bar Directory shows just over 50 lawyers in Sierra Vista. Come on, all: Inquiring minds want to know.

(It’s also worth your time to read the comments posted after the story. Arizona gets some pretty harsh criticism from readers.)

A second story examined the increase in requests for prenuptial agreements, even among the middle class. Apparently in a bad economy, everyone wants to hang on to what’s theirs.

Have a good weekend, whether you’re at work or—preferably—at home with loved ones.