I’ve talked before about what a mash-up modern culture has become. Most days, I get a kick out of it. But a recent movie is making me rethink my enthusiasm for medleys.

Eat Pray Love got some modest hype (guffaw) when it was released. I have not seen the flick, but that doesn’t mean I’ve managed to avoid the marketing juggernaut that surrounded it.

We’ve all seen and heard about Eat Pray Love yoga mats, and Eat Pray Love herbal tea, and Eat Pray Love vacation packages.

Yeah, yeah, you might yawn. And I agree—what did I expect, that marketers would not plunge into a breach to find an extra nickel?

But over the past few months, I’ve been disappointed to see magazines too engage in the lowest form of mimicry—of the EPL title, of all things. They alter the words slightly to fit an article’s slant, and they’re off to the races, with hijacked spiritual cred trailing from their pages like so many prayer beads.

Come on, gang; magazine folk ain’t marketers. We should be above all that.

Unless …

I did get to thinking this weekend about how Arizona Attorney might make a little filthy lucre off this scam. So like all bad ideas, let’s write the titles first, and worry about the content later.

My desk is at least as cluttered.

So here are a few approaches aimed at our audience of lawyers; let me know if you can think of more. Who knows? Maybe Julia Roberts could play me in the movie version (as you can see in this photo, I think we may have the same office organization system).








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