By the time you read this, I and many others of the legally interested will be tuckered out from what I bet will be a great screening of To Kill a Mockingbird. (Yesterday I wrote about this event, which was in honor of the book’s 50th anniversary.)

But it’s Friday—Change of Venue Day—so let’s get to something sort of fun and rather odd.

Today’s winner is a hoot—and it falls into the category of font humor.

I know, I know—I like font humor too much. I’ve written about it a few times (here and here). But my ears perk up when I hear, “Calibri, Garamond and Wingding walked into a bar …”

Anyway, I enjoyed this story of woe and angst among our font brethren. I hope you do too.

Thank you to Steph Abbott at the Clark County Bar Association in Las Vegas, Nev., for excavating this Serif gem.