1912 Superintendent’s Building at the Arizona State Hospital

No commentary today, but some links and a few questions.

Today’s lead news story was about Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and her son Ronald. The Arizona Republic reports that it has been seeking to have Ronald’s criminal court file unsealed. But the question now is why was it sealed in the first place?

The records have to do with a 1989 arrest and conviction for sexual assault and kidnapping. For years, Brewer had been open about her son’s situation. That included his being found not guilty by reason of insanity, and his commitment to the Arizona State Hospital. He has been there, with occasional releases, ever since.

The news story will play out over the coming week, and it may focus on the unique timing of the motion to have the file sealed (it occurred just as Brewer was transitioning from Secretary of State to Governor), as well as how rare or common that result is.

But my question is a media one: When this motion was made in early 2009, did the Republic cover it? I can’t find that story in their archives. And if they didn’t, why not?

Here is today’s Arizona Republic story.

And here is last week’s Phoenix New Times story with more detail from the original police report.