Last night, we learned that some Arizona candidates nominally identified as Green Party candidates will remain on the ballot despite challenges.

U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell denied the temporary restraining order that the Arizona Green Party sought to keep the names of nine Green candidates off the ballot.

The Green Party alleged that these are “sham” candidates who were added in an election oddity in an attempt to draw votes away from democratic candidates in this fall’s election.

In denying the restraining order, the judge was confronted with the same dilemma that faces every voter: How to discern the sham candidates from the roster of bad candidates. Sure, there’s a difference, but the distinction is hard to determine.

We feel your pain, Judge Campbell.

In any case, though the restraining order was denied, the trial will continue. The question will be whether the nine candidates are true members of the Green Party, and whether their presence on the ballot violates the Green Party’s right to be associated with members who agree with its platform.

Of course, because they are going to appear on the ballot, and because the trial will likely trail out past November, it will be a largely academic argument.

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