The September issue of Arizona Attorney Magazine just mailed and will be online September 1. Here is what I wrote about our cover feature for the first of what will be our annual “Legal ideas Issues.”

Part of Walk of Ideas by Scholz & Friends

Is it self-defeating to announce our first-annual “Legal Ideas Issue”? I mean, what exactly is it that we’ve been publishing all these years?

Maybe so, but I still welcome you to what I hope will be a yearly feature. Who better to ask than our readers: What changes can and should be made in the legal world? In a perfect situation, what modifications should be implemented—tomorrow—to make our society a better place?

The basic concept of the Idea goes back all the way to Plato. Entire categories of philosophy are devoted to determining what an Idea is, and how it relates to the world around us.

In reading about Ideas (yes, that’s what I do), I came across a remarkable series of sculptures dedicated to the many benefits that gray matter has spawned. They are called—not surprisingly—The Walk of Ideas—and are sited—again no surprise—in Germany.

The set of six sculptures, displayed in 2006 only, commemorated books, medicine, music, sport—even Einstein’s work on relativity. The sculptures are massive monuments to human intelligence and ingenuity.

We wondered: Could we create a similar monument in these pages? Could we ask our readers to share their ideas, however nascent? Would that be insightful and helpful, or putting Descartes before the horse?

You can probably guess what we decided. In this day and age, more thinking, even when it’s embryonic, is welcome.

Thank you to those who replied. And to those who thought of something but held back? Here’s hoping to hear from you next year.