We'll steal your heart ... and borrow your idea.

Magazines, like all media channels, are in the larceny business.

Let me put that more nicely: We have an editorial hole to fill, and your stuff could pack it to the gills.

Not pleasant enough? How about: We seek to be a clearinghouse for lawyers’ ideas.

Hey, that’s not bad. In fact, it’s getting close to our Mission Statement at Arizona Attorney Magazine (didn’t think we had one, did you?). Here it is: 

  • Arizona Attorney helps our readers do their job better—more efficiently and profitably—through editorial content that is analytical and topical.
  • Arizona Attorney is a practical resource and a valuable tool for Arizona lawyers on matters related to their practice, the justice system, the regulation of the legal profession and the improvement of the quality of legal services.
  • Arizona Attorney magazine strives to be the number-one source of legal news and information and the best forum for Arizona lawyers.
  • Our content sparks stimulating discussion through the presentation of challenging and thoughtful ideas.
  • We take an active role in creating a community in which lawyers can better connect with each other.

So how do we do all that? Alone? Unlikely. What we do is talk to a lot of lawyers, and then listen to what they have to tell us.

This month, I am hard at work drafting the 2011 Editorial Calendar (didn’t think we had one of those either, eh?). So that’s where you come in. But first, something about editorial calendars.

As at all magazines, our calendar previews stories, month by month, over the coming year. It serves a few purposes: It helps guide our work in-house, and it alerts potential authors and advertisers to content that may affect their decisions in the next year. It doesn’t list every story we will cover, but it gives a pretty solid roadmap.

Would you like to contribute your hard-won thoughts to make us look better—I mean, to serve readers better?

Tell us what legal topics you believe we should cover in 2011. They may be broad (e.g., “Construction Law”) or more specific (e.g., “cowboy-lawyers”). They may be profile ideas or trend stories (on law practice, the economy, new practice areas, etc.). They may be about a particular new case or law.

We welcome all ideas, and I appreciate your feedback. Write to me at arizona.attorney@azbar.org.