In late June, we covered an event in Central Phoenix organized to highlight the immigration bind that Arizona is in. The story was about a coalition of people who sought to spell out “SOS Congress” with their bodies.

The idea is that we are now burdened with SB1070 because Congress has failed to move toward any kind of serious comprehensive immigration reform. By forming the words—and photographing it from high up a nearby building—the visual would convey that Arizona is filled with people who are not filled with hate, but who want to see progress on this compelling issue.

But when you compare the original photo (below) with the ultimate one created (above), you have to smile. Organizers could spot right away that the white painted parking lot lines were undermining the clarity of their message.

Organizers were very upfront to say that the final image was Photo-shopped (hats off for that transparency). But we might conclude: It may be unfair to say those opposed to SB1070 are all for open borders. But it appears they don’t like lines.