A musical pig

“People like pigs” may be an odd conclusion for a Friday afternoon, until you remember that this is Change of Venue Day, when we cast our eye farther afield than the staid and reasonable world of law and law practice.

My porcine inference arose after seeing a large number of pig-affiliated products and services recently. You could say there’s been a veritable rasher of pig-obilia.

So why should a lawyer care? Well, if you are like the millions of iPod users worldwide, you may be in need of an animal-themed docking station. And why not? As one marketer explains, it is packaged in “an absurdly cute design.”

His prices are insane

(I haven’t heard mental illness be used as a marketing technique since the lazy, hazy days of Crazy Eddie. Welcome back, madness, my old friend!)

The charming pig is available at Speakal for only (only?) $199.99. Click here for more information (and more animals). And here is a picture of their panda, if pigs aren’t your thing.

Of course, we’re no one to talk. It was only a year or so ago that we used that old chestnut, the piggybank, to illustrate our cover story on estate planning and baby boomers. But we turned it upside-down and had coins tumbling out. Witty? Oh, yeah. And cute?

It’s a pig. What do you think?

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