Stephen Montemayor

On boycotts, girlcotts, etc.: Today I received a story and interview pitch from a peace activist who advocates for the boycott of Arizona in retribution for the enactment of SB1070, our new immigration regime.

Specifically, the pitcher wanted to talk about the growing movement of musicians to refuse to tour here in the Copper State. The idea is compelling, if a little blunt.

But then I read this blogger, on the Huffington Post.

His byline reads “Stephen Montemayor, student journalist,” and he offered a more nuanced view. He gave a condensed history of the musicians’ boycott, dubbed The Sound Strike (started by Rage Against the Machine singer Zach de la Rosa – how perfect is that?!).

But then he shared the view of the musician dubbed Bassnectar.

“I have no interest in boycotting Arizona. I think any state that has such misguided and illogical legislation needs more love and attention, not less.”

So here’s one musician who opposes the law, but wants to play here because of the law.

(Stephen, by the way, is “about to finish his final semester at The University of Kansas where he will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He spent the spring as editor-in-chief of The University Daily Kansan and upon graduating, he will immediately seek work as a reporter.” Read his whole blog entry here.)

What do you think? Some readers may feel the law is a good idea. But for those who do not, I ask:

  • Do we need the whip of punishment? Or would more love (and music) be just what the médico ordered? (No points given to those who answer “Both.”)