In an upcoming post I’ll write more about the great conference staged this week by Association Media & Publishing. Learnin’, conversatin’ and more were on the agenda, and they came through in spades.

Today is Friday, though, Change of Venue Day here at AZ Attorney. This is where we kick back and examine a law-related corner of the universe, but a corner that won’t strain our brains too much.

A popular feature of last week’s Convention Daily (staged right here on the blog) was the abundance of swag available from our great Exhibitors at the State Bar of Arizona Convention. See what we photographed here.

At this week’s media publishing conference in Washington, DC, takeaways also were available. Traveling with my one small carry-on bag, I passed up on much of those creative offerings. But I do share with you a popular legal-ish item: a squishy Capitol Dome, courtesy of media services firm Capitol Media Solutions. (As they say in DC, “Is that a cupola, or are you just happy to see me?” Well, both!)

Squishy Government

I could go on about how malleable the political process is, or how it caves to pressure at the slightest touch. But I’ll leave that aside, and just say of the Squishy Dome, It is simply fun to squeeze!

At the top left of this post is an image from a presentation available on the Capitol Media Solutions site regarding the media-selling process. Charming, that. (And no, we got nothing for this mention, and don’t do any business with CMS; I just like their taste in graphics and squishiness.)

For more about Capitol Media Solutions, watch the informational video on their website here. And you can access their media buying page here. Have a great weekend.