The State Bar Convention—as well as The Convention Daily—concluded on Friday, and so now we return to posting and commenting on legal news that runs farther afield.

But we’re not quite back.

This week, I am at a conference in Washington, DC. The event is the annual meeting of Association Media and Publishing. It’s a big magazine-gang gathering, and I’ll even be presenting on a Tuesday panel (“Social Media for the Antisocial,” or something like that. See more about it here).

So from Monday through Wednesday this week, I am pointing you toward some well-done or at least quirky blogs from the D.C. area.

The first comes to us from Arthur Lien, a court artist for NBC News. He pens (and inks) His catchphrase is “Going where cameras cannot.” Here’s his own description:

Posts include the blogger/artist’s sketches from oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court and from other D.C.-area trials as well as a brief description of what is pictured and links to further coverage.

Pretty cool, eh? His recent post is called “U.S. Loses Wheel at Blogo Trial,” and it’s probably not what you think.