On this Friday, Change of Venue Day, we wish a fond farewell to an important part of Arizona Attorney’s sausage-making process.

Faith Klepper has been the Chair of the Editorial Board for two years, since 2008. She has been all we could want in a leader: funny, helpful, snarky, quick-witted. And full of ideas. Brimming with them, in fact.

Yesterday was her last board meeting as chair. Besides the standard plaque issued to all lawyers who have contributed significant service to State Bar operations, she received a few gifts that demonstrate her affinity for the Houston Astros (don’t ask).

As one board member said better than I, “One hopes all one’s rulers can be as gracious, intelligent, and balanced as our proud Queen (plus we especially like her barbed tongue and quick wit). Our new leader will have to run fast to keep close to her performance.”

Thank you, Faith. You’ve earned far more than a bobblehead (pictured below), and we hope to keep working with you for many years to come.