Exercising a startling lack of caution, I proposed about a month ago that Arizona Attorney Magazine would cover the State Bar Convention far more robustly this year. Yikes. What was I thinking?

Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa

Well, the event is next week, held at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa. So I guess there is nothing to be done except step up and find fascinating stories to post, blog and tweet from legal seminars and luncheons.

I know that is possible, but it means far more actual work than I am used to putting in at the annual convention. Oh, well.

Here is the news blurb that’s about to be sent to Bar members. We want to remind them to read our coverage. And even better, we invite them to send their own stories (we’ve got a newshole to fill, you know).

Convention Coverage – and You

Arizona Attorney Magazine will be covering the Bar Convention in new ways this year. The week of June 7, the magazine blog will be turned into a “Convention Daily.” Read the stories at https://azatty.wordpress.com/. And send your own stories or ideas to arizona.attorney@azbar.org. We may post them.

We also will post Twitter updates from onsite in Glendale. To read the coverage or to tweet yourself, include the hashtag #azbarcon. Our coverage will be at http://twitter.com/azatty. More coverage, and photos, will be on our Facebook page, at http://tinyurl.com/ksgly5.

So read about this year’s State Bar Convention — or post your own material. Questions or suggestions? Reach the Editor, Tim Eigo, at 602-908-6991.