L.A.'s Been Dark Before ...

So here was the best-est news of the day: The Arizona Corporation Commission throwing down with the Los Angeles City Council.

This past month, the Council had voted to boycott Arizona due to its recently enacted immigration law (dubbed SB1070). That made Los Angeles the largest municipality to take that action (though by no means the only one).

That steamed Commissioner Gary Pierce, who sent a snarky and pointed letter to the City of Angels, reminding them that 25 percent of their power comes from Arizona sources. He kindly offered to flip the switch off to help them with their moral quandary.

I guess that would make it The City of No Lights.

Here’s a story (with video) on the fight over the Heart of Darkness.

And the Arizona blog KeytLaw covered the topic here.

And here’s the complete letter, including its voluminous distro list:

azcc-LA letter