Good thing I'm not our photographer

Today, we are told, may be one of the last really beautiful days for awhile. So what better time than today to head outside and watch people work?

Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds. We scheduled an interview for this morning, and a photo shoot of the person immediately preceding the Q&A. So I lingered in the dappled morning light and watched the photographer ply her craft. And while she did it, I annoyingly snapped some photos of the artiste in progress.

As always, she was more than ably assisted by Arizona Attorney’s top-flight Art Director, Karen Holub.

Our story subject was I. Godwin Otu—known simply as Otu around the Bar. He is the Bar’s Diversity Directory. We spoke with him about two years ago, and it was time to catch up on diversity and inclusion efforts—how have they done, what does he expect for the future?

The shoot was at the Phoenix School of Law, and we couldn’t have chosen a nicer spot. The trees, the fountains, the not-being-in-the-office, the other-people-are-working. Ahh, that’s living.

Immediately after the outside shoot, we went inside, where we shot some “conversation” shots with him and me. Finally, after all that, I interviewed him, sitting in the moot courtroom. Look for our Q&A in the June issue. In tomorrow’s blog, I’ll share a little of what Otu said about diversity at the Bar and at the bar.

In the meantime, here are some of my snaps of the photo shoot.


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